Top 52 Most Popular Mediterranean Dishes

Top 52 Most Popular Mediterranean Dishes

Kabsa Djaj
1. Bamia bi'lahme - A stew prepared with chunks of lamb meat with okra in a tomato-based sauce, served over rice.

2. Bazila' bi' lahme - Meat and green peas in tomato sauce served with rice

3. Biryani Lahme/Dadaj - A very common dish, which consists of heavily seasoned rice cooked with chicken or lamb. Originally from the Indian sub-continent served with spicy tomato sauce and yoghurt sauce

4. Dajad Mahshi - stuffed chicken with rice, onion, lahme and nuts served with rice

5. Dajad bil Batata - Chicken cooked with potato and tomato slices served with rice

6. Dajad/Lahme Maghrabiah or couscous : Semolia dish with onion, chick peas and chicken or lahme

7. Djaj Mechwi – grilled chicken with peas

8. Dajad Molukhia - Chicken Molukhiya served with lemon onion sauce

9. Daoud Bacha - meatballs with tomato sauce

10. Deleh Mehshi - stuffed rib cage of lamb

11. Doodi - smoked rice served with lemon garlic chicken

12. Fasoulia bil lahmeh/Fasulya -- a stew made with green/dry white beans, lamb and tomato broth or other ingredients serbed with rice

13. Fasoulya Beyda - White beans cooked in tomato sauce and served with rice.

14. Fasoulya Khadra - Green beans cooked in tomato sauce and served with rice.

15. Fasoulya Hammanieh - kidney bean stew served with rice

16. Freikeh bil dajad/lahme - cooked young dried wheat with meat

17. Green Fuul, steak with Laban served with rice

18. Kabsa Dajad/Lahme - A rice-based dish commonly eaten with meat, lamb or chicken, cooked in a variety of spices and topped with nuts over rice.

19. Kabab Hindi - ground meat kabab in tomato sauce, capsicum and onion served with rice

20. Kusbariah Samak - grilled fish fillet with coriander and lemon juice

21. Lemon Garlic Chicken - Chicken cooked with lemon slices and served with rice

22. Loubieh bil lahme - Green beans stew with meat in tomato sauce

23. Kharoof Mahshi - Rice Oriental with minced meat and green peas cooked served  with cooked  lahme and served with yoghurt salad

24. Kibbeh bil Laban(Kebbe Labnieh) - topped with garlic and coriander in vegetable ghee and nuts and served with rice

25. Kusha Mahshi - zucchini stuffed with minced meat and rice baked in a tomato-based sauce.

26. Koussa bil-Laban - meat and rice-stuffed zucchini cooked in yoghurt

27. Kubbeh bi-s-siniyyeh - A plate of baked kubbeh.

28. Koussa and Wara' Enab bil-Kastaletah - stuffed zucchini, grape vines and steak

29. Kofta b'bandoora - Spiced, ground meat baked in tomato sauce and served with rice.

30. Khodra bi'lahme - Vegetables with meat stew in tomato sauce

31. Mandi -  is a traditional dish of meat, rice, and spices

32. Machboos - A dish made with mutton, chicken, or fish accompanied over fragrant rice that has been cooked in chicken/mutton well spiced broth.

33. Maqluba lahme or dajaj - A rice-based casserole which includes meat, rice, and fried vegetables(potato, eggplant & cauliflower) placed in a pot, which is then flipped upside down when served, hence the name maqluba, which translates literally as "upside-down" served with lahme or chicken and egg plant slices

34. Mansaf Jordon - lamb or chicken cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt called Jameed and served with yellow rice or bulgur.

35. Mulukhiyah Dajaj/Lahame - stew made with leaves of the Nalta/Tossa Jute plant, chicken, beef, and lemon juice garnished with raw chopped onions soaked in vinegar, served over rice.

36. Moussak al Mahashi - Fried stuffed eggplant and baby marrow  in tomato sauce served with rice

37. Moussaka - baked dish consisting of spiced lamb and aubergine in tomato sauce served with rice

38. Mujadara/Mudadara - cooked lentils combined with wheat or rice, garnished with onions that have been sautéed in vegetable oil served with yoghurt salad

39. Malfouf traditional Lebanese dish which involves rolling cabbage leaves with a stuffing of ground meat, rice, 7-spices (of course), then stacking them in a cooking pot in layers with garlic in between, and then simmering them on low heat in a sauce made with lemon juice, fried minced garlic, water and salt

40. Pilav - fried rice/meat based rice like pilaf rice served with lemon garlic  chicken

41. Quzi - A hearty dish of roasted lamb with raisins, nuts and spices over green peas and oriental rice and wrapped within taboon bread/sheet

42. Sabanek bi' lahme - spinach cooked with meat served with rice and nuts

43. Samak Sayadiah/Saiyadit al-Samak/Siyyadiyeh – Fish cooked in saffron and served on rice with onions, sumac, and a tahini sauce (the most important part of the dish) and served on rice

44. Samak Harra - grilled fish that has been marinated with chili, citrus, and cilantro

45. Samak Tajin - fish with vegetables served with rice

46. Sarma/Malfuf - cabbage leaf roll filled with meat, rice and onions served with soup or rice

47. Shish Barak - chicken dumplings cooked in yoghurt sauce served with rice

48. Shakriya - meat cooked in yoghurt and onion, garnished with garlic and coriender in vegetable ghee and served with rice

49. Shashlik - A dish of skewered and grilled cubes of meat served with rice

50. Tajin - stew or casserole meat with vegetables served with rice

51. Tajin Karnabit- meat and cauliflower stew served with rice

52. Wara'  Dawali - grapes leaves, zucchini, (egg plant and bell peppers) stuffed with meat, rice and tomatoes and lamb chops cooked and  served with soup or rice

***Main Course served with vermicelli rice/al'arz alshaeiria/shaeiria rice and nuts topping

**Yoghurt dish garnished with garlic slices and coriender cooked  in more vegetable ghee and served with rice

*Lebanese "Seven Spice" Blend – a mixture of equal parts of allspice, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, fenugreek, nutmeg and ginger. It is commonly used to flavor many Lebanese dishes.