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The Best Homemade Tabbouleh Recipe

Parsley, the green specially used for garnish. This was what  I knew about parsley. I used to garnish soup and other dishes with parsley which used to be like bunch of green florets. I had never tasted and never thought of eating something made with parsley. I used to think parsley is only for garnishing that's all what thought. When the first time I came to know about flat leaved Italian parsley, I was in confuse that what this little flat leaved stuff that exactly looked like celary, they called it PARSLEY. I thought it was celery first, it exactly looked like celery (chinese celery looks like flat leaved parsley). I was confusion for some time then I tasted it but it tasted like celery, then I realised that there is also parsley that is used to make salad and exactly looks like chinese celery. It was just about flat leaved parsley still in confusion how can people eat something made with only parsley. I had never heard of any dish made with parsley. It was just a garnishing st…
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The Best Homemade Hummus Recipe

I was wondering how those people were enjoying with that white paste  with khabus an Arabic bread. I had never tasted that thing before, what I knew about it was its name , they called it HUMMUS. Especially Arab guys loved it as well as non Arab also. I had no idea until I tasted it myself for the first time. Even after tasting it myself I had no idea about it. It was too much sour.  How could you eat such thing that is too sour. The texture was fine but the taste was horrible. When I tasted it several times then I realized that like other Arabic food hummus also has many variations. Some people make too much sour and some don't. When I knew that hummus is creamy, smoothy and flavorful dip, I started to love it. I enjoyed hummus with pita bread many times with my friends and collegue. They loved it more long before even I tasted it. They loved to eat khabus, fatoush, hummus and avocado juice literally it was avocado milk shake. Some liked tabouleh, muttabel and muhammara. …

20 Amazing Food every Nepalese Restaurants serve you

There are different varieties of food in Nepalese Cuisines that you will love to eat. But there some food varieties of food everyone loves that makes these food evergreen for ever. I have been working as a chef in many restaurants located in different places of Kathmandu, Nepal. I have found found these food in every restaurants and they are famous every where not only with in Nepal also abroad among Neplese citizens. Here is the list.

Dal Bhat - Nepali Thali Set - Common Rice Dish
Dal Bhat is most common food in Nepal that most people eat at lunch time. The variations includes Steamed or boiled rice, Spicy thick lentil soup, tomato chutney, mixed chutney, greens, mixed vegetables curry, Meat curry of your choice, papad, side salad, green chilly, lemon wedge, hash browns, crispy bitter gourd, gundruk, yoghurt & ghee . You can get this food from small cafes to deluxe hotels. The food in small cafes & restaurants serve limited sides while deluxe hotels & restaurant serve unl…

Easy and Delicious Mediterranean Grilled Chicken

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken,  known as Djaj Meswia in Arab world, Most popular Chicken Dish among Arab People Today I am going to write about Grilled Whole Chicken which is very popular in Arab world.  Since it is Mediterranean CuisineI have two different recipes that will help you cook this fabulous dish Lebanese and Tunisian Style. Lebanese Style which is more popular among Arab People. Since the sauce is lemon based we can say Lebanese Grilled Chicken as Lemon Grilled Chicken. Tunisian Style Grilled Chicken is different from Lebanese Grilled Chicken & the sauce is oil and garlic based. Actually Tunisian food is all about oil, specially extra virgin olive oil, so the food is too much oily. Mediterranean Cuisine: Recipes from Southern Europe to the Middle East In the beginning I had not too much knowledge aboutTunisian or Maghreb Cuisines, but I got an opportunity to work with Tunisian Chefs in a Tunisian Restaurant. I learned more about Tunisian Cuisines there. I learned to …

Lebanese Batata Harra (Potato Chilli or Spicy Potatoes)

 Literally spicy potatoes,  best known potato starter in Arab world , Best eaten with pita bread or Lebanese bread

My first ever Arab food experience: I had been working in professional kitchen for years in Nepal. When I was in Abu Dhabi working in Lebanese Restaurant I had zero knowledge & experience in Arabic Cuisines. When I first saw Arabic food in the kitchen I wonder how were they prepared. The food tasted completely different then any other food like Chinese, Indian or any other International Cuisines I had been preparing for years. I was completely blank while I was new almost for months. I was confused how weird I felt. I felt like a baby just born in the new world. When I tasted staff food first time I was I felt that I just put lake of lemon juice in my mouth cause it tasted nothing rather than sour. There was no other tastes I found rather than sourness.  Later on I realize that the food was really more sour than other food I cooked before. After running in the kitchen f…

Pan Fried Chicken with Puffed Rice | Chicken Tass Set

Boneless Chicken cut into bite size pieces and marinated in specially prepared spices including mashed whole garlic, ginger, chilly flakes & Mustard oil for overnight then shallow fried in thick round pan traditionally known as tawa in Nepal.  The dish is served with Puffed Rice & traditional Nepalese sides like Tomato Pickles, Crudities, Peanuts & more. One of the most famous food of Nepal.

Ingredients:                   Servings: 4 servings
600 grams Chicken Bite Size1 tbsp Salt200 ml Mustard Oil1 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder400 gm Muray Bhujjiya (Puffed Rice)200 ml Cooking OilMarinade60 grams Garlic cloves with chaff Crushed50 grams Ginger w/ Skin Crushed20 grams Coriander Seed Crushed2 piece Dry Chillies Small PiecesSeasoning Spices:
1 tsp Ground Cumin3 tsp Ground Corinder Seed2 tsp Fresh Lemon Juice1 tsp Chilly Power5 piece Cloves1/2 stick Cinnamon2 piece Cardomon1 tsp Ground Pepper1 tsp Garam Masala2 tsp Ginger Garlic PasteSide Salad2 slice Cucumber2 slice Carrot2 slice Rad…

Char-grilled Pork BBQ | Dharane Kalo Bungurko Sekuwa

Dharane Kalo Bungur(Pork from Dharan) is most famous pork in Nepal. The dishes made from the pork is amazingly delicious. Dharane Bunger Ko Sekuwa is one of them...

Sekuwa is a marinated meat roasted in a natural wood/log fire in a real traditional Nepalese country style. At first the meat is mixed with natural herbs and spices and other necessary ingredients and left covered in chiller for overnight/min 8 hours. Sekuwa could be of pork, lamb, goat or chicken, or a mixture. Sekuwa is very popular in all over Nepal, especially in the Eastern Nepal and Capital City Kathmandu.

Ingredients:   6 servings

2 kg Dharane Pork (bite sized or chunks)10 grams Garam Masala (Home made preffered)5 grams Turmeric Powder20 ml Lemon Juice5 ml Vinegar5 ml Soya Sauce (optional)10 grams Ginger Garlic Paste5 grams Chilly Paste20 ml Mustard Oil (optional)10 grams Mixed Spices (12 Spices prefered)Salt and Pepper (as per taste)Hot Chilly Sauce and Pudina Chutney/Tomato Chutney(for dip)Sliced Cucumber, Tomato a…

Char-grilled BBQ Chicken|Chicken Sekuwa

Char-grilled BBQ Chicken with Sichuan Pepper Sauce
Sekuwa is a marinated meat roasted in a natural wood/log fire in a real traditional Nepalese country style. At first the meat is mixed with natural herbs and spices and other necessary ingredients and left covered in chiller for overnight/min 8 hours. Sekuwa could be of pork, lamb, goat or chicken, or a mixture. Sekuwa is very popular in all over Nepal, especially in the Eastern Nepal and Capital City Kathmandu.

Ingredients: 2 servings
500 grams Chicken (Bite sized or thick slices)10 ml Mustard Oil10 ml Lemon Juice5 ml Vinegar (optional)5 grams Garam Masala5 grams Mixed Masala (12/7/5 Spices preferred)5 grams Ginger Garlic Paste5 ml Soya Sauce (Optional)5 grams Chilly Paste5 ml Mustard OilSalt and Pepper (as per taste)Hot Sichuan Chilly Sauce and Mint ChutneySpicy Tomato Chutney or Radish Pickles(Mulako Achaar)Sliced Cucumber, Tomato and Onion (Side Salad)Pickles (Cucumber, Carrot, Radish, Chilly & Olives) (Optional)Puffed…

Delicious Pasta Lasagne Al Forno with Tomato Sauce

Lasagne pasta baked with sauces.... here bolognese sauce..ragū alla bolognese

Servings - 2 Duration - 45 mins

8 Sheet Lasagne Pasta Slightly Boiled/Blanched
300 gram Minced Meat/Ham
200 gram Peeled Italian Tomatoes
50 gram Onion Chopped
25 gram Carrot Chopped
25 gram Celery Chopped
2 clove Garlic Chopped
2 leaves Parsley Chopped
50 gram Parmesan Cheese
50 gram Mozzarella Cheese
100 ml Milk
20 gram Flour
20 gram Butter non salted
100 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 pinch Nutmeg Powder Freshly Ground
Salt & Black Pepper as per taste
1 tbsp Dry Oregano
1 half Onion
4 pcs Cloves
1 leaf Bay leaf
Let's Make Bolognese Sauce.
Heat a skillet and put some Olive oil. Add mirepoix carrot, celery, Onion, and garlic and sauté for some time. Add minced meat and mix well. Cook it for some time in medium heat and add peeled tomatoes and mix well. Add some salt and black pepper as per taste. Add Oregano and Parsley then stir well. Now cook for some time, when it's done kee…