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The Best Homemade Tabbouleh Recipe

Parsley, the green specially used for garnish. This was what  I knew about parsley. I used to garnish soup and other dishes with parsley which used to be like bunch of green florets. I had never tasted and never thought of eating something made with parsley. I used to think parsley is only for garnishing that's all what thought. When the first time I came to know about flat leaved Italian parsley, I was in confuse that what this little flat leaved stuff that exactly looked like celary, they called it PARSLEY. I thought it was celery first, it exactly looked like celery (chinese celery looks like flat leaved parsley). I was confusion for some time then I tasted it but it tasted like celery, then I realised that there is also parsley that is used to make salad and exactly looks like chinese celery. It was just about flat leaved parsley still in confusion how can people eat something made with only parsley. I had never heard of any dish made with parsley. It was just a garnishing st…

The Best Homemade Hummus Recipe

I was wondering how those people were enjoying with that white paste  with khabus an Arabic bread. I had never tasted that thing before, what I knew about it was its name , they called it HUMMUS. Especially Arab guys loved it as well as non Arab also. I had no idea until I tasted it myself for the first time. Even after tasting it myself I had no idea about it. It was too much sour.  How could you eat such thing that is too sour. The texture was fine but the taste was horrible. When I tasted it several times then I realized that like other Arabic food hummus also has many variations. Some people make too much sour and some don't. When I knew that hummus is creamy, smoothy and flavorful dip, I started to love it. I enjoyed hummus with pita bread many times with my friends and collegue. They loved it more long before even I tasted it. They loved to eat khabus, fatoush, hummus and avocado juice literally it was avocado milk shake. Some liked tabouleh, muttabel and muhammara. …