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20 Amazing Food every Nepalese Restaurants serve you in 2020

Nepali Dal Bhat
Nepali Khana Dal Bhat
There are different varieties of food in Nepalese Cuisines that you will love to eat. But there some food varieties of food everyone loves that makes these food evergreen for ever. I have been working as a chef in many restaurants located in different places of Kathmandu, Nepal. I have found found these food in every restaurants and they are famous every where not only with in Nepal also abroad among Neplese citizens. Here is the list.

Dal Bhat - Nepali Thali Set - Common Rice Dish
Nepali Dal Bhat
Dal Bhat 
Dal Bhat is most common food in Nepal that most people eat at lunch time. The variations includes Steamed or boiled rice, Spicy thick lentil soup, tomato chutney, mixed chutney, greens, mixed vegetables curry, Meat curry of your choice, papad, side salad, green chilly, lemon wedge, hash browns, crispy bitter gourd, gundruk, yoghurt & ghee . You can get this food from small cafes to deluxe hotels. The food in small cafes & restaurants serve limited sides while deluxe hotels & restaurant serve unlimited sides. Best Known Dal Bhat set is Thakali Thali Set

Momo - Nepalese Dumplings- Chinese Dumplings
Steamed Momo
Momo is the most famous restaurant style food in Nepal. You won't find any restaurants that doesn't serve momo. Anyone who visits Nepal loves it. It is a type of dumplings with minced meat wrapped inside and served with Homemade Tomato sauce & Spicy Sichuan Pepper Sauce and has many varieties. But the most common is Steamed Buff Momo generally known as momo. If you love vegetables you can have Veg Momo, if you love chicken you can have Chicken Momo. There are more varieties like Paneer Momo & Mushroom Momo. The cooking method also plays important role in variations. A part from Steamed Momo you also have choice like Fried Momo, Kothey Momo, Steamed C Momo &  Fried C Momo. Generally Chilly momo is known as C Momo which is Spicy, Sweet & Savoury in taste.

Chowmein - Chinese Stir Fried Noodles
Prawn Chowmein
After Momo Chowmein is most famous restaurant style food in Nepal. If you want to try something rather than momo it is chowmein. It is fried noodles with vegetables served with tomato ketchup & green chilly sauce.  You also have choices like Veg Chowmein, Buff Chowmein, Chicken Chowmein, Egg Chowmein & Mixed Chowmein. You may also get Prawns Chowmein & other variations in some places. 

Thukpa - Chinese Veg Noodles Soup
Nepali Thukpa
Thukpa is vegtables noodle soup which is one of the most common noodle soup in Nepal. It is Chinese & Tibetan style mixed soup.  It also has variations like Veg, Egg, Chicken, Buff & Mixed Thukpa. It is sweet & sour in taste but you can ask for spicy if you prefer.

Pakoda - Gram flour Battered Fried Fritter
Pakoda is battered fried food very similar to other fried items. The difference is the batter is based on gram flour while others are AP flour based. Anise seed plays very important role in it the texture & flavour. The variations include Paneer Pakoda, Vegetables Pakoda, Onion Pakoda, Chicken Pakoda & Cheese Pakoda etc. The food is served with tango tomato based sauce or other sauces like ketchup.

Chhoila - Chargrilled Spicy Meat cubes
Chhoila is also very famous among Nepalese people. It is chargeilled meat mixed with green garlic shoots & other spices. This is specially Newari Ethnic Dish of Nepal. Roasted mustard oil & Chilly flakes are the must for this dish. This is very spicy dish you have to
inform before if you want less spicy. Chhoila is served with Nepalese beaten rice flakes or served in Samay Baji Set. The variations include Buff Chhoila, Chicken Chhoila & Duck Chhoila commonly.

Sekuwa - Chargrilled meat in skewers
Sekuwa is a barbecued meat that is also famous among Nepalese people. This dish is chargrilled meat of bite sized pieces or chunks marinated with spicies & lemon juice. The dish varieties are Buff Sekuwa, Chicken Sekuwa & Mutton Sekuwa served with beaten rice flakes.

Khaja Set - Mixed sides with Flattened Rice 
Newari Khaja set aka Samaybaji
Khaja set is special dinner set & has many sides, mainly includes Chhoila or Sekuwa, Tomato Chutney or Mixed Chutney or pickles, & Side salad. You will get sides like black eyed beans, greens, spicy soya beans, spicy potatoes, boiled & fried egg, lentil patty in Newari Khaja set or Samay Baji even more if you try Newari Bhooj Set.

Taas Set - Shallow Pan Fried mutton with Puffed Rice & Sides
Chicken Tass
Taas set is also similar to khaja set set but here puffed rice is used in place of flattened rice & shallow fried mutton takes place of Chhoila or Sekuwa. Other sides include homemade tomato & radish pickle, side salad & pickled ginger & green chilly. The variations are like Chicken Taas

Bhutun - Stir fried intestines & gut
Bhutun is intestines & gut specially cooked food & very famous among people of Nepal. The variations include Buff & Mutton commonly. It is served with diced onions & green chillies atop served with beaten rice flakes.

Chicken Chilly - Battered fried chicken with Vegetables and spicy sauce
Chilli chicken
Chilly Chicken
Chicken chilly is Battered fried Chicken with spicy & tango sauce. It is also famous among Nepalese people. It is best side for beverage lovers. 
Variations like Chips Chilly, Buff Chilly, Veg Chilly & Pork Chilly also Chilly Momo which is known as C. Momo.

Aalu Jeera - Stir fried potatoes with cumin seeds
Aalu jeera
Aalu Jeera
This potato dish is very popular. It is also side for Newari Khaja set. Thia can be served with flattened rice also. It is snacks for beverages also. One of the best potato dish everyone loves.

Badam Sandheko - Spicy Peanuts 
Peanuts plain
Plain Peanuts
Variations like Potato Sandheko, Soyabean Sandheko, Green Peas Sadheko, Chicken Sandheko, Sukuti(Dried Meat) Sandheko & Wai Wai Sandheko

French Fry - Simply Potato finger chips
French Fried
French Fries
Like other people Nepalese people also like french fries. This crispy potato finger dish is very famous in restaurants in Kathmandu and outside the Capital.

Potato & Bamboo Shoot Soup - Aalu Tama
Aalu tama is traditional Nepalese soup prepared with bamboo shoot, potatoes and black eyed beans. The soup is sour & spicy so if it what you love you can try it. You can get Aalu Tama is traditional Nepalese Restaurants.

Fried Chicken - Battered or non battered lemon fried Chicken
Chicken Fried
Fried Chicken
Since Fried Chicken is all time favourite dish. It is also famous among Nepalese people. But the variety is little different. You can get battered fried chicken in many restaurants in Kathmandu. But if you want to try Traditional Nepalese Fried Chicken you can get in many Nepalese restaurants. The fried chicken is only marinated in Nepalese Spices & Lemon juice without floor & egg.

Roast Chicken - Chicken Oven
Chicken Roast
Chicken Roast
Marinated chicken is prepared in a rotating oven or normal oven. It is famous among hard drinks lovers. 
Choupsey - Mixed Vegetables with Crispy Fried Noodles

Pizza - Parmesan cheese pizza
Variations include chicken, cheese, sausage, salami, pepporini, garlic & green pepper pizza

Burger - Minced meat patty in Bun
Variations inside vegetables, cheese & minced buff burger