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20 Amazing Food every Nepalese Restaurants serve you

There are different varieties of food in Nepalese Cuisines that you will love to eat. But there some food varieties of food everyone loves that makes these food evergreen for ever. I have been working as a chef in many restaurants located in different places of Kathmandu, Nepal. I have found found these food in every restaurants and they are famous every where not only with in Nepal also abroad among Neplese citizens. Here is the list.

Dal Bhat - Nepali Thali Set - Common Rice Dish
Dal Bhat is most common food in Nepal that most people eat at lunch time. The variations includes Steamed or boiled rice, Spicy thick lentil soup, tomato chutney, mixed chutney, greens, mixed vegetables curry, Meat curry of your choice, papad, side salad, green chilly, lemon wedge, hash browns, crispy bitter gourd, gundruk, yoghurt & ghee . You can get this food from small cafes to deluxe hotels. The food in small cafes & restaurants serve limited sides while deluxe hotels & restaurant serve unl…

Easy and Delicious Mediterranean Grilled Chicken

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken,  known as Djaj Meswia in Arab world, Most popular Chicken Dish among Arab People Today I am going to write about Grilled Whole Chicken which is very popular in Arab world.  Since it is Mediterranean CuisineI have two different recipes that will help you cook this fabulous dish Lebanese and Tunisian Style. Lebanese Style which is more popular among Arab People. Since the sauce is lemon based we can say Lebanese Grilled Chicken as Lemon Grilled Chicken. Tunisian Style Grilled Chicken is different from Lebanese Grilled Chicken & the sauce is oil and garlic based. Actually Tunisian food is all about oil, specially extra virgin olive oil, so the food is too much oily. Mediterranean Cuisine: Recipes from Southern Europe to the Middle East In the beginning I had not too much knowledge aboutTunisian or Maghreb Cuisines, but I got an opportunity to work with Tunisian Chefs in a Tunisian Restaurant. I learned more about Tunisian Cuisines there. I learned to …