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Lebanese Batata Harra (Potato Chilli or Spicy Potatoes)

 Literally spicy potatoes,  best known potato starter in Arab world , Best eaten with pita bread or Lebanese bread

My first ever Arab food experience: I had been working in professional kitchen for years in Nepal. When I was in Abu Dhabi working in Lebanese Restaurant I had zero knowledge & experience in Arabic Cuisines. When I first saw Arabic food in the kitchen I wonder how were they prepared. The food tasted completely different then any other food like Chinese, Indian or any other International Cuisines I had been preparing for years. I was completely blank while I was new almost for months. I was confused how weird I felt. I felt like a baby just born in the new world. When I tasted staff food first time I was I felt that I just put lake of lemon juice in my mouth cause it tasted nothing rather than sour. There was no other tastes I found rather than sourness.  Later on I realize that the food was really more sour than other food I cooked before. After running in the kitchen f…